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B&G Passive  Sensors

Accessing accurate data quickly from sophisticated sensors is vital to any performance system.

B&G has over 4 decades of developing sensors that add functionality and performance to its systems.

Speed Sensors

Paddlewheel Speed Sensor

(H3000 / Hercules / Hydra / h1000 compatible) Contact us for availability

  • Plastic / metal

  • Flanged / flush housing

Paddlewheel & Long Reach Speed Sensor

SPD-HP Sensor. Pk, Speed, paddlewheel. H, A, Pl Flange $190
SPD-HPF Sensor. Pk, Speed, paddlewheel. H, Pl Flush $190
SPD-HM Sensor. Pk, Speed, paddlewheel. H, A, Brz Flange $360
SPD-HMF Sensor. Pk, Speed, paddlewheel. H, A, Brz Flush $360
HSG-PF Sensor Housing Plastic Flash $100

Depth Sensors

(H3000 / Hercules / Hydra / h1000 compatible)

  • Flush / flange

  • Plastic / metal

  • With / without flapper valves

  • Easily retro-fitted

  • Depth readings up to 600 feet depending upon bottom and sea conditions

Depth Sensor

DPT-HP Sensor. Pk, Depth. H, A, Pl Flange $190
DPT-HPF Sensor. Pk, Depth. H, A, Pl Flush $190
DPT-HM Sensor. Pk, Depth. H, A, Brz Flange $360
DPT-HMF Sensor. Pk, Depth. H, A, Brz Flush $360
HSG-PF Sensor Housing Plastic Flash $100

Microsonic Speed/Depth system


The Microsonic system with XTL Fin is a 'no moving parts' sensor system, ideally suited to larger vessels,

Contact us for availability

  • External fitting

  • Choice of Speed/Temperature or Speed/Depth XTL Fin units

  • Stainless steel or bronze mounting

  • stud options

  • Standard or extended mounting studs.

Wind Sensors

Horizontal 213 Mast Head Units

(H3000 / Hercules / Hydra /Ockam compatible)

  • Robust

  • Accurate

  • Responsive

  • Designed to work in wind speeds of over 80 knots

Vertical 213 Mast Head Units

(H3000 / Hercules / Hydra / Ockam compatible)

  • Raises the wind sensor into cleaner air

  • Removes wind shear when sailing downwind and reduces errors from disturbed airflow around the mast head

  • Provides highly accurate values for TWS, TWA.

  • Provides accurate information on performance functions

  • Lightweight Carbon fiber construction.

  • Uses the 213 wind sensor.
    Wand sizes:

  • 810mm (32") - for boats up to 36',

  • 1050mm (42") - for boats up to 36' - 45'

  • 1450mm (57") - for boats up to 45' and above

  • 1800mm (72") - for those very serious about highly accurate wind measurement

213 Masthead Unit

213 Vertical Masthead Unit

Wind Sensors

213-00-002 Masthead unit Horizontal 213, MHU only $995
213-PK-12 Masthead unit Horizontal 213, 24m Standard cable & Bracket, 9m c/ext & j-box $1,349
213-PK-13 Masthead unit Horizontal 213 , 36m Lightweight cable & Bracket, 9m c/ext & j-box $1,599
BGH030001 Masthead unit Vertical 213, 32" (810mm), 36m Light cable, 9m c/ext, J-box $2,390
BGH030002 Masthead unit Vertical 213, 42" (1050mm), 36m Light cable, 9m c/ext, J-box $2,790
BGH030003 Masthead unit Vertical 213, 57" (1450mm), 36m Light cable, 9m c/ext, J-box $3,090
BGH031001 Masthead unit Vertical 213, 32" (810mm), MHU only $1,917
BGH031002 Masthead unit Vertical 213, 42" (1050mm), MHU only $2,367
BGH031002/S Masthead unit Vertical 213, 42" (1050mm) Ocean, MHU only $2,663
BGH031003 Masthead unit Vertical 213, 57" (1450mm), MHU only $2,727
BGH031003/S Masthead unit Vertical 213, 57" (1450mm) Ocean, MHU only $3,068
BGH031010 Masthead unit Vertical 213, 71" (1800mm), MHU only $3,825

MHU cables, brackets

178-0B-001 Standard HMHU cable & Bracket 24m (213) $354
178-0D-001 Standard HMHU cable & Bracket 36m (213) $478
178-0D-040 Lightweight HMHU cable & Bracket 36m (213) $645
178-0X-001 Standard HMHU cable & Bracket 50m (213)  $614
178-0X-040 Standard HMHU cable & Bracket 50m Lightweight (213)  $811
BGH030006 VMHU Lightweight cable only 36m (213)  $460
BGH030007 VMHU Lightweight cable only 50m (213)  $640
135-0A-097 Extension cable MastBase to Processor 9m (all) $90
BGH030008 Bracket, mast wand, Top MT $212
BGH030009 Bracket, mast wand, Face MT $212

Compass Sensors

Halcyon 2000 Fluxgate Compass

  • Fully gimbaled in oil

  • Accurate readings at all normal angles of heel and pitch

  • 'Auto-Swing', calculates and stores deviation table specific to your installation

Halcyon Compass


Halcyon Gyro Stabilized Compass

  • Improves all data that uses heading - TW Direction, Tide set and rate calculations, leeway and course

  • Accurate heading with heel and trim feedback enhances pilot performance

  • Rugged and reliable with solid state rate sensors

Halcyon Gyro Stabilized Compass


Halcyon Gyro-Stabilized Compass sensor only  (Pilot only) (B&GH063001 Cable ↓ required)



Interface Cable for BGH060002 (For direct connection to Pilot)


Gimballed Rate Compass (GRC)

  • Lightweight single-axis gyro-stabilized compass

  • High accuracy Heel and Trim output

  • Interfaces directly to H3000 ACP Pilots or via NMEA to other equipment

  • High Speed NMEA 0183 output allows use as a stand-alone heading sensor or with other systems

Gimballed Rate Compass (GRC)


BGH330001 H3000 Gimbaled Rate Gyro Compass (Heading, Heel & Trim) Connects to Zeus Nav via SimNet & to Autopilot ACP

Load Cells Discontinued, Contact us for availability

  • Tailored for any yacht or application (cruising or racing)

  • Repeatability of sail trim and rig settings

  • Easy fit - replaces existing pin

  • Clear indication of rig loads (forestay, vang, outhaul, runners, backstay, mainsheet)

  • Data is displayed on GFD's, FFD's, 20/20's or 40/40's

  • Essential for Race Tuning, Performance, Monitoring and safety

Load Cell

Contact us for availability

BGH040028 Digital Load Cell Amplifier $990
BGH041002 SMP-625, Load Cell Pin 16mm (5/8") $1,960
BGH041004 SMP-875, Load Cell Pin 23mm (7/8") $2,130

Heel, Trim & Motion Sensors

690-00-004 Clinometer (Heel Sensor)

Contact us for availability

BGH340001 2D Motion Sensor for H3000 Motion  

Environmental Sensors

224-00-065 Sea Temperature

Contact us for availability

224-00-066 Air Temperature  
690-00-007 Barometric Pressure  

For more information please contact us.

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