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The manual

The primary modules of OckamSoft 4 are:

Race Course

A bird's eye view of the race course showing user selectable marks, Laylines, wind and Boatspeed vectors, polar, track, etc. The Race Course can be overlaid on compatible digital charts.


A graphic history of instrument functions. You can setup 6 pages, each displaying as many as 4 functions - you determine the time periods graphed. Stripcharts are an invaluable strategic tool on the racecourse and are often used for performance testing and evaluation.


Turns your screen, or a portion of it, into Ockam displays. You can have multiple display windows, each with from 1 to 6 displays. The windows resize and rearrange themselves automatically, so the size of the display is merely a matter of resizing the window.

NMEA Translator

Sailing on a boat without Ockam's? Use this little utility to run OckamSoft 4 from any NMEA data source. B&G? GPS? Raymarine? Sure. The performance may suck, but at least you'll know what's going on. AND the data shows up on Eye to boot.


This utility allows you to feed a NMEA application (e.g. Nobeltec) without discombobulating your wiring. NMEA data comes in over the Ockam data stream, and once inside, gets turned into a virtual serial port which the NMEA application thinks is connected directly to the GPS.

EtherServer Driver

This module is 'Grand Central Station' for OckamSoft 4.

  • It distributes copies of the instrument system (or NMEA device if using NMEA translator) data to all applications. Data enters the PC through the serial port set by the 'Comm. port' tab.
  • It copies instrument data onto the Ethernet connection. This is how data gets to the PDA for use by Eye.
  • It can create a file containing specified pieces of data logged at a specified rate. Logging is controlled in the 'Logging' tab.
  • A simulator can be activated to provide synthetic data for training.
  • The Ockam instrument system can be controlled on the 'Control' tab. Functions include:
    • Setting the averaging on 30 different instrument functions.
    • Setting instrument parameters including units of measure, light level, mast height and 22 others.
    • 10 calibrations.
  • Lets you control remote displays (Matryx and Magnum) via the 'Jumbos' tab. You specify what each display will show for each of up to 6 groups (e.g. 'Prestart', 'Upwind' and 'Downwind'). Each group can also automatically switch based on stopwatch and true wind angle.
  • OckamSoft 4 can calculate and output up to 9 'built-in functions' on the 'BIFs' tab.
    1. Polar speed or Time to Laylines.
    2. Target speed or Target angle or Vmc or Target speed percent.
    3. Target angle or Target speed upwind/angle downwind or Vmc target angle.
    4. Wally or Vmc performance percent.
    5. Vmc course or Course to steer.
    6. Downwind course's or Next leg course
    7. Next leg apparent wind angle and speed
    8. Earth true wind speed and direction or Wally average Wind Direction.
    9. Cross track error or Weighted True wind speed.
  • Sets the polar data that gets used by other components of OS4 and any other OS4-aware applications.
  • Maintains the variable database which names the instrument functions.

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